Issues Observed In Leather Sewing Machines And Solutions

There are so many issues observed in the leather sewing machines. The sewers can find solutions for minor issues and can consult professionals for major issues. In order to understand the issues they have to have clear awareness regarding the leather sewing machines. Even the best industrial sewing machine for leather will have issues.

Issues with the sewing machine

It is a common thing that sometimes issues may arise while starting the sewing machines. The sewers have to provide assistance for starting the hand wheel.  Even after assistance if the sewing machine fails to work properly stop the leather sewing machine immediately. The fabric may be too tough to sew by the machine. It is better not to sew the fabric to avoid damage to the machine. While stitching tough fabrics it is important to check the needle. The needle must be installed properly and in the right manner. Make sure it is not bent.  When the issue is still there go through the manual available for best industrial sewing machine for leather. Follow the instructions as per the manual and do the cleaning and maintenance.

Unthreading of needle frequently

It will be more annoying when the sewer just starts stitching and the needle gets unthreaded. The needle unthreads itself. Before stitching make sure the needle is at its highest point. This can be done by winding the wheel towards the sewer.  There is up/down feature as well which can be used for this purpose.

Inconsistent threads

This issue may arise unexpected.  The leather sewing machine might be stitching well. With in minutes the thread may get tangled. The stitches will get skipped or knotted up the thread. When there is inconsistency in the issue then the problem will not be in threading and tension settings.  The issue may arise due to dust and lint inside the sewing machine. The bits of lint and dust may build up inside the machine and around the bobbin.  The same can be prevented by cleaning the leather sewing machine regularly.  Manufactures recommend using brush for cleaning the dust and bits of lint. The best idea will be to use cans of compressed air. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will be the best choice for cleaning the bits of lint and dust.

Issues with fabric

sometimes the fabric may not be drawn evenly. Inspite of many reasons the main reason will be the feed dogs. The feed dogs might have worn out in the old machines. When the feed dogs are worn out they will fail to catch the fabric evenly. Feed dogs can be replaced. When the issue is observed with new machines try to clean around the feed dogs. Lint tends to build around feed dogs.