Better Understanding of the Movies and the Civil Commitment

From the Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey to the French documentary filmmaker Hervé Guibert, the authors and films of civil commitment that dealt with a difficult and burning matter such as the spread of AIDS and the consequences of this terrible disease.

Self-timer by Hervé Guibert

The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, infamously known as AIDS, is a disease that has changed society and made everyone more vulnerable to an evil that, until a few years ago, was considered incurable and considered a sort of scarlet letter that condemned ‘entire gay community at a cruel expiation for their conduct, deemed promiscuous and improper. The world of cinema has faced openly and for the first time the delicate theme with the announced and media tic death of Hollywood star Rock Hudson, which occurred in 1985. Hudson, married for convenience with his secretary, has long hidden the disease and the his sexual orientation: the death has shaken the American opinion, helpless and innocent in front of something that seemed bigger and impossible to understand. As you watch stream free movies online you will find the best options now. Continue reading “Better Understanding of the Movies and the Civil Commitment”