Buckle up! Backup your data!

The 21st century is known for its advances in information and communication technology. With all kinds of gadgets and storage devices booming in the market, like every coin that has two faces to it, the digital platform has hackers and data thieves as much as it has companies that promise to backup your data.

Why backup?

Backing up is a mechanism of saving and securing a copy of all the data, files, documents you have in a secure storage device so that in case of any loss of data; either accidentally by yourself or by some hackers. Data backup doesn’t just resonate with individuals personally but also have become imperative for businesses to keep their data safe from hacking.

How to backup?

There are many software tools available today that offer to backup your data and storage. From pen drives to cloud backups which are synced to your mail account, all the platforms allow you to store your data and recover them whenever required. Most of the backup tools back your data automatically and regular intervals as per the user’s convenience. This saves you from any loss of data.

The threats of data hacking

Data backup does safeguard your data from completely falling into oblivion. But you also need to stay informed about what data hacking can really mean.

  • The hackers usually sell the hacked data in the dark web for more money. Thus all your ideas and creativity is out for sale without your consent.
  • The hackers also demand ransom from the firms to return the hacked data. Costing crores of rupees, this can cost your company both in terms of reputation and in terms of money.
  • Data hacking not only leads to your company’s downfall due to the loss of data but also because of the loss of its credibility among the users. The data is usually personal data of hundreds of thousands of users; health records, bank account details, and your passwords to social media platforms.

Some of the most infamous hacks

The record of cyber-attacks over the past is overwhelmingly alarming. The Wannacry and Notpetya cyber-attacks have been the most vicious ones, showcasing the increasingly dangerous power of hackers. The hacking into the healthcare system of one of Norway’s hospitals, placing the health records of around 2.9 million people into unsafe hands. Such attacks are expected to increase in the coming years, necessitating the need to backup your data all the more now. Guess it’s here accurate to say, a stitch in time saves nine.